[sword-devel] The SWORD Project and ScreenReaders for the Visually impaired

Josh Gould kc8eqa at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 22:10:50 MST 2006


After doing a bit of thinking and then not being able to locate the
archives so I can search them too, I was wondering what the
functionality was between The SWORD for Windows Front end and the JAWS
for Windows screen reader. My primary reason for asking is that I've
never seen any bible study software that was accessable, which is a
problem that plauges most software. As my girlfriend is blind, I'd
like for her to be able to study the Word on her computer where she
can take better notes, and compare translations a little bit better
than switching files or CD's. Another option that strikes me as a
possiblity is to run a program off of the API that is accessible. I'll
be doing some research so if any one does respond we can compare

In His Service,

Joshua Gould

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