[sword-devel] Combined verses

Teus Benschop teus at teusbenschop.nl
Sun Feb 12 21:48:28 MST 2006


Bibledit (bibledit.sourceforge.net) is a tool for the Bible translator, 
and uses the imp2vs from the SWORD api to convert a project to a SWORD 

Some projects use combined verses, e.g. Matthew 1:2-6a, or similar. When 
imp2vs tries to compile verses like this it enters an infinite loop, and 
can only be interrupted through the kill -HUP command.

Is this intentional behaviour, or is this a bug? If it's a bug, I am 
hereby reporting it, and can send the inputfile for imp2vs to anyone who 
requests it. It's a bit big else I could attach it to this mail.


Teus Benschop

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