[sword-devel] new ICU dll (probably nothing to see here)

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Feb 8 13:14:39 MST 2006

Somewhere in the installer threads I saw a note about including the old 
ICU dll (2.8). I've posted the new version at: 

However, chances are, this has no bearing on your lives at the moment. 
You cannot use this as an update for existing Sword installations (which 
will continue to expect the old dll). Nor are there any released tools 
or apps that currently use this dll. In fact, it's highly probably that 
this dll will be updated before any major releases of BibleCS occur.

But since any new apps built for Win32 will reference the new dll, which 
was only available through SVN, I thought I ought to put it online 
somewhere. When you download a new tool and can't figure out where to 
get a copy of icudt34.dll that it keeps asking for... think of this 
email and visit the above link (which will be updated with new versions 
as necessary).


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