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Wed Feb 8 12:43:11 MST 2006

If I recall correctly, you are right.  The <scripRef> tag only worked to
create a reference to a Bible work.  I don't recall if Bibletime gave
support for specifying a specific version to open or not.  And I don't think
that generic <a> tags were working, but I thought that Daniel Glassey was
working on implementing them... ?


On 2/8/06, DM Smith <dmsmith555 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Greg Hellings wrote:
> > I could almost swear that there is support in at least some front ends
> > already for linking from a <scripRef> entity.  Doesn't Bibletime
> > support that?  I thought that it was working this summer when I was
> > working with several ThML texts.  Maybe I was thinking of some one of
> > the prototype implementations we were working with.  Implementation in
> > the RTF-based BibleCS, though...?  I've never tried it.
> In an earlier discussion on Strongs it was noted that Strongs often
> references other entries in its work, but that Sword did not support
> internal linking from one dictionary entry to another. I may have
> misunderstood, but based on this I doubt that there is support for links
> to anything but a Bible, Strongs or Robinsons.
> According to http://www.ccel.org/ThML/ThML1.04.htm
> <scripRef> is used for a reference to scripture and not a general
> purpose reference.
> ThML uses <a> as an HTML anchor to other documents and also provides
> <sync type="" value=""> for cross-references. My guess is that support
> for these is limited. In the case of <a> the url would need to be
> decoded to understand it as a module reference, probably introducing a
> new protocol. In the case of sync the type attribute is unconstrained
> and essentially requires an application to interpret the value in its
> context (eg type=Strongs). I don't know if this has been defined as a
> module reference.
> Turning to OSIS the possibilities are better. OSIS defines the
> <reference osisRef=""> element where the osisRef can refer to an
> external work. An osisRef contains a workid if it refers to another
> document. I don't know the level of support for this element, other than
> how JSword handles it.
> At this time JSword assumes that the osisRef does not contain a workid
> and that it refers to a passage in the user's current working Bible.
> This is not proper usage, but we have not found situations in the
> available modules which have other kinds of references.
> >
> > --Greg
> >
> > On 2/8/06, *Barry Drake* <b.drake at ntlworld.com
> > <mailto:b.drake at ntlworld.com>> wrote:
> >
> >     Hi there .........
> >
> >     Some of us are doing a feasibility study on the NET bible from
> >     http://www.bible.org/ with a view to offering a Sword module.  The
> >     bible comes with a massive set of footnotes.  In the present
> >     incarnation
> >     of Sword (certainly in the Windows front end) the use of such
> >     extensive
> >     footnoting would make the version difficult to follow.  There are
> >     often
> >     many footnotes in a single verse.
> >
> >     One solution, suggested I think by Chris Little was to make the
> front
> >     end capable of displaying footnotes in a separate window from the
> >     bible
> >     text.  An alternative is to make the notes into a commentary module,
> >     with the footnotes in the text neing represented by footnote
> numbers.
> >     If this second alternative were considered, is it possible to link
> >     these
> >     footnote numbers to the commentary window?  What I'm looking for is
> >     linking that looks up tags in commentaries like scripture references
> >     embedded in a commentary - as an example - <scripRef>John
> >     1:3</scripRef>
> >     in a ThML tagged commentary.
> >
> >     Do we have provision for this in the filters?
> >
> >     God bless,
> >
> >     Barry
> >
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