[sword-devel] BibleCS Installer

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 4 10:12:28 MST 2006

Greg Hellings wrote:
> Personally I hate it when there is no option to *not* create Start 
> Menu/Quick Start/Desktop shortcuts.  For each of those steps it would 
> be nice to have a check box or some other item that allows me to say 
> "Do Not Create Shortcut."  Just my preference, really.
For Desktop and Quick Start, this is my preference too.
So I am motivated to make these optional.
I just have not gotten there yet.

I'd need some convincing to make the Start Menu group optional.
I think that the group serves more purpose in that it provides a
well defined location of standard materials. Having the user go to
the install directory to figure out what is important and what is not
is not a great idea, IMHO.

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