[sword-devel] Is "original input source" for modules available?

L.Allan-pbio paraclete at bibleinverse.org
Sat Feb 4 09:06:49 MST 2006

I was interested in trying to prepare a simple module, and was hoping that 
the "original input source code" for some of the existing modules was 
available. These might serve as templates to get started.

Sorry if this has been asked/answered previously.

I've looked at the "Module Making" webpage:

Is there more information about how to proceed ... like a tutorial or wiki 
or mvnforum page(s)?

Is the input for something like "Practice" (The Practice of the Presence of 
God) available ... the file that would have been processed by imp2ld or 
imp2vs? What would be the command line to prepare "Practice"?

How about SAOA (Scripture Alphabet of Animals)?  SME (Spurgeon's Morning and 
Evening devotionals)?

My intention was to prepare something like a simple tutorial that could be 
part of a "Starter-Kit". LcdBible comes with a 120+ step tutorial oriented 
to less computer-literate end-users, and I was thinking of making it into a 
module to be part of the "Starter-Kit".

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