[sword-devel] BibleCS Installer

L.Allan-pbio paraclete at bibleinverse.org
Fri Feb 3 12:53:50 MST 2006

Lynn.Allan wrote:
> I'm unclear about the best name for the CrossWire executable to use at
> various points during the installation.
> * The SWORD Project?
> * BibleCS?
> * sword.exe?

DmSmith wrote:
>  think that BibleCS is the internal project name and not a name to be
used outside of it's development. If that is the case, I am inclined to
not use it.
> I am inclined to use sword.exe for the simple reason that is what it is
currently called.
> I think that a name presented to the user should be "The SWORD Project
for Windows" as that is what it is called on the website.

Troy G. wrote (back in Sep)
> Rename the install directory from 'The SWORD Project for Windows' to
'CrossWire/The SWORD Project'

Dm Smith wrote:
> One question: What should happen if 1.5.6 is currently installed?

My inclination is for the installer to detect that 1.5.6 is installed, and have that be the default installation folder ... in other words, to over-write if an older version is installed. The end-user has the option to change that. Note that this applies to both LcdBible and BibleCS so that resource sharing is facilitated (due to the way that SWMgr::findConfig works).

The LcdBible installer is a "Starter-Kit" that includes the World English Bible, but not the InstallManager. I think that simplifies things and makes the installer "self contained" and ready to run immediately after successful installation.

The BibleCsInstaller doesn't include a Bible, and includes the InstallManager. My impression is that an end-user is expected to use the InstallManager to actually acquire one or more resources.

> * Assumes swmgr::findConfig only looks in current directory and then
> SWORD_PATH (not parent directory)

DmSmith wrote:
> I think we need to work on the assumption that 1.5.8 development is
> If there are API changes that would be good to make to accommodate a
more flexible co-existence of Sword products
then that should be made in the next release.

I've made a patch available to swmgr:findConfig that gets away from the practice of mods.d and modules being in a subdirectory "under" the application installation directory.

Instead of:
C:\Program Files\CrossWire\The SWORD Project\mods.d

It would allow:
C:\Program Files\CrossWire\mods.d
C:\Program Files\CrossWire\resources\mods.d
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