[sword-devel] BibleCS Installer

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 3 12:10:06 MST 2006

L.Allan-pbio wrote:
> Thanks for the helpful feedback.
> Dm Smith wrote:
>> A copy of the installer that I am working on can be found at
> www.crosswire.org/bibledesktop/BibleCsStarterKitSetup
> The file of interest is SwordSetup.nsi
>> It is very incomplete and at this time is focused upon an installation
> of just BibleCS.
> Are you using nsis 2.14? It has some nsis 2.14 compiler errors  ... 
> lines 173 and 174, WriteRegWord should be WriteRegSWORD.
> With those revised, I'm getting a mysterious compiler error that seems 
> related to LangString and PRODUCT_NAME, but it isn't reporting a line 
> number, which isn't very helpful.
I haven't tried to compile it yet. It just represents a meld of ideas 
from multiple sources. So it is a snapshot. When I do start compiling it 
I will be using the most recent NSIS.
> Looks like we can agree to continue using the InstallShield's practice 
> that BibleCS 1.5.6 used regarding registry entry ...
> HKLM "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\sword.exe"  
> "Path"
> The uninstall problems aren't unexpected .... I haven't really looked 
> at the uninstaller until some registry (and other) issues were pinned 
> down. (as noted in earlier "caveats")
> Sorry about the bad link. Please try this one:
> http://lcdbible.sf.net/misc/CrossWireFamilyInstallers_060203.zip
I won't get a chance to look at it or comment until I am off work.
> It has installers for both BibleCS and LcdBible, with an attempt at 
> commonality and consistency. They use BCS_TEST_VERSION and 
> LCD_TEST_VERSION defines to speed up development. (use much faster 
> zlib and smaller "stub" files)
> I'm unclear about the best name for the CrossWire executable to use at 
> various points during the installation.
> * The SWORD Project?
> * BibleCS?
> * sword.exe?
I think that BibleCS is the internal project name and not a name to be 
used outside of it's development. If that is the case, I am inclined to 
not use it.
I am inclined to use sword.exe for the simple reason that is what it is 
currently called.
I think that a name presented to the user should be "The SWORD Project 
for Windows" as that is what it is called on the website.

One question: What should happen if 1.5.6 is currently installed?
> Caveats:
> * Not much attention to uninstaller yet
> * Assumes swmgr::findConfig only looks in current directory and then 
> SWORD_PATH (not parent directory)
I think we need to work on the assumption that 1.5.8 development is 
If there are API changes that would be good to make to accommodate a 
more flexible co-existence of Sword products
then that should be made in the next release.

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