[sword-devel] BibleCS Installer

Lda Signup lynn.d.allan at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 15:44:37 MST 2006

DM Smith wrote:
> I am working on the installer and hope to have a first pass done by next
Monday, God willing. I am starting with what Lynn and Troy did, so it
may be a final pass.

I was wondering what the status of this is.

Here is a link to YAPI (yet another prototype installer)

It attempts to be a draft for a "family of CrossWire applications", using 
LcdBible as an example, and taking into account:

* that The SWORD Project's BibleCS sword.exe may have already been 

* that SWORD_PATH may be defined

* that BibleStudy may have been installed

It attempts to detect SWORD_PATH, sword.exe, and biblestudy.exe, and put up 
a custom nsis page if so. The default is that the first choice is to install 
LcdBible in the same directory as sword.exe, then with SWORD_PATH, then with 
BibleStudy.exe, and then on its own. This is done to avoid a proliferation 
of resources being installed.

The above is admittedly rather complicated ... here is a patch file to 
modify SWMgr::findConfig that looks in the parent directory for mods.conf or 
mods.d, then in ../resources, then in the current directory, then in 
SWORD_PATH, then in HOME. This is to implement a directory structure that is 
less tied to modules being installed in the same directory as sword.exe

* Not at all a full installer .... mostly to illustrate installation choices 
for getting sword-devel list feedback

* detection of sword.exe based on 1.5.6 practice

* detection of biblestudy.exe just a guess to illustrate

* doesn't really install anything

* uses "classic" nsis rather than mui for now .... easier for me to develop 
and debug

* doesn't handle InstallManager

* no provision for uninstaller

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