[sword-devel] .Net/C# and Sword

Jason Turner lefticus at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 15:26:07 MST 2006

Oops, I forgot to mention the site, it's my main page emptycrate.com,
which forwards you to: http://source.emptycrate.com

On 2/1/06, Jason Turner <lefticus at gmail.com> wrote:
> For all those interested I have set up a site to track bug & feature
> requests for the SharpSword wrapper, there is also a support wiki. It
> is all in the very early stages of development, but I will try to keep
> it updated.
> On a side note, this site is where I plan on developing a suite of
> software intended for churches and church goers that I mentioned
> before. All the projects will have access to SWORD and will be in C#.
> Also, I decided to make the site for managing these projects be based
> on savane (a sourceforge fork) and open it up to other Christian open
> source software.
> Feel free to register a project if you are interested. Every project
> gets subversion access, a place to provide project downloads and a
> link to back to the main site wiki. CVS can be made available if it is
> requested as well as mailing lists.
> God Bless,
> Jason
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> http://emptycrate.com Games, Programming, Travel & other stuff

http://emptycrate.com Games, Programming, Travel & other stuff

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