[sword-devel] question about use of Bible text in another program

Jason Galyon jtgalyon at gmail.com
Fri Dec 29 14:28:55 MST 2006

I am about to undertake the task of writing a small web app that manages
scriptures (favorites, by book, etc) and presents an RSS feed of daily
scriptures of whatever category you have setup.

I do this mainly to get more experience in the language to be used (Python)
and a particular web toolkit as well (TurboGears).

My question begins with how to get biblical text or rather from where?
Could I use a Sword module and mine that for scriptures or is there another
recommended way?

I would greatly love to make use of the resources that y'all have already
put so much effort into and merely add my own processing on the website.

What would the list recommend for a starting point for obtaining biblical

Thanks in advance for any input.  I hope I can also contribute to this
development effort as well in gratitude.

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