[sword-devel] PATCH for crashes with ciphering code

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Fri Dec 1 10:03:14 MST 2006

The attached patch fixes the stability problems experienced with Sword and 
ciphered and locked modules.

To see unpatched Sword crash, just run

mod2imp GerHfa2002		and
mod2imp GerHfaLex2002

without the correct unlock key.

The patch works against 1.5.9 and does the following:
-fix one unchecked pointer access in zverse.cpp, based on Joachim's suggestion 
with small improvements such as one removed strlen()
-allow the return value of the zip uncompression code to be used correctly. 
Now uncompression will detect that it has corrupt data (when deciphering with 
a wrong key) and return an empty string in that case.

This seems to finally fix the stability issues for me.

I would be very glad if the patch could be applied to HEAD and a bugfix 
release of Sword ( or something, including Daniel's large compile and 
automake fixes) be released, otherwise our users cannot profit from it 

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