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Zac Brown rufius at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 15:44:38 MST 2006

Being able to do that with kind of thing with the Bible/Commentary views
like Netvibes.com has would be awesome. Would it have individual user logins
so he/she can save sessions that they were currently studying? I'm kind of
behind on this development but am interested in the process.

God speed.


On 4/27/06, Troy A. Griffitts <scribe at crosswire.org> wrote:
> Does anyone have any objections to removing the "Passage Study" tab and
> renaming the "Parallel" tab to "Passage Study"?
> We actually probably need to rethink much of how this user interface is
> laid out now that we're getting quite a bit of traffic and comments.
> Tyndale House is using us as their primary Bible link sight now.  Note
> the target of many of the Bible links at:
> http://www.tyndale.cam.ac.uk/Tyndale/links_Biblical.htm and
> http://www.tyndale.cam.ac.uk/Tyndale/BibleSoftware.htm
> They are impressed with our 'web 2' functionality.  I think it's pretty
> cool too.  I've actually been using the site for quite a bit of my
> personal study.  I realize people have been opposed to forcing
> javascript on people to get functionality, but if we continue down this
> web 2 path it's going to be tedious to find ways to provide new features
> without javascript.  We're eventually going to have leave the
> non-javascript browsers behind.  Do people still feel strongly about
> this, or has time and ajax/web 2 momentum broken down the concerns a
> little?
> Check this site out:
> http://netvibes.com
> Think of what we could do with their dockable panels for
> Bible/Commentary views! :)
>        -Troy.
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