[sword-devel] Customized install package for Mongolia

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 20 15:23:48 MST 2006

Adam Waller wrote:
> Also, should I be making the source for the Installer available because it
> is installing the GPL software, or would I just need to make available any
> changes to the source of the actual Sword program?

If your installer is your own effort, you don't need to make it 
available. This is because it has no reliance on or execution of the 
code in order to work (even if it launches it at the end). However, 
making the installer available is a general benefit to all. For example, 
you said you figured out how to determine the nature of the keyboard. 
This may be of benefit to us in a later release.

If you change the Sword program, you will need to make the source code 
changes available such that anyone can rebuild your version of the Sword 
executable. It might be a good idea to submit patches back to the 
project so that it can be incorporated into future releases.

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