[sword-devel] Introduction

Kurt Andrews Kurt.W.Andrews at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 7 21:22:05 MST 2006

Hey all,

My name is Kurt.  By day I'm a mild mannered application architect  
for a nation wide car rental company who shall remain nameless  
because they don't pay me to advertise.  In the evening I help my  
wife of sixteen years take care of our five kids and write software.   
Why do I write software in the evening after doing it all day.   
That's the way God wired me I guess.

Current areas of interest ( in no particular order):

Studying the bible
Java -- Of course that's what we use all day
Ruby -- this is how I relax in the evening
scripting languages in general (groovy, perl, python etc.)
Regular expressions -- did I mention I was some what of a ... I guess  
they still call us geeks
Web application systems and web services (soap)
Data warehousing

Current projects outside of work

I'm currently testing the experimental soap interface for the ESV on- 
line bible using ruby's soap module so that we can integrate it into  
our church web site

Figuring out how to convert Crossway's XML schema to OSIS

Some Ideas I had for participating in the Sword project

Helping to get some of the modern Bible translations into the project  
especially the ESV

Adding red letters to the the ASV.  For some reason this feature  
isn't working in the ASV module I downloaded for use with my  
macSword.  I don't know if it's a bug or if it's just some extra mark- 
up that needs to be done.  I'd like to try my hand at a couple of  
modules anyway just to get an idea of how that side of things works.

All of the import utilities seem to be written for windows.  I'd like  
to try my hand at some more cross platform friendly versions.  Where  
can I find documentation on the final *.swd format and the conversion  
algorithm.  I know that the intermediate format is OSIS or one of the  
other markups.  It's the stuff for the final import I'm interested  
in.  I'd prefer not to have to reverse engineer it from some C/C++  
code, but I guess I can if I have to.

These probably aren't the only things I'd be interested in they're  
just a starting point.  I'll let you guys clue me in as to who needs  
help with what



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