[sword-devel] KJV 2006 5th beta

Terry T Biggs terry470 at alltel.net
Mon Apr 3 15:17:52 MST 2006

Looks really good.

Patched osishtmlhref.cpp to display the small caps.

This note tag for Exodus 6:2 is causing a problem becuse it has a 'type'
<note type="study">the <divineName>Lord</divineName>: or, <divineName


On Sun, 2006-04-02 at 21:08 -0400, DM Smith wrote:
> I've put out the 5th beta. You can download it from the links at the 
> bottom of the page (http://www.crosswire.org/~dmsmith/kjv2006)
> As always, feedback is appreciated.
> This beta corrects mistakes reported against the last beta. And also 
> does the following:
> Divine Name:
> All divine names are tagged with <divineName> (most were already).
> If the underlying strong's number is 3050 (YH), 3068 or 3069 (YHWH), I 
> have added the type x-yhwh.
> For those instances where the name is a compound with YHWH, the type is 
> x-yhwh and the subtype is a transliteration of the hebrew of the 
> compound part, e.g. x-tsidkenu.
> There were also a few cases of JESUS in all caps. This is with the type 
> x-jesus.
> When the divine name  is in a <transChange> or a <note> I have tagged it 
> without a type.
> I also wrapped 2 instances of BRANCH in all caps with divineName as it 
> appears that this is what the KJV was trying to communicate in making it 
> all caps.
> In all of these instances I have changed the word to begin with a 
> capital letter and be followed with lower case. The intention is that 
> these should be rendered with small-caps.
> Questions: Should these be left as all caps? Can the front-ends render 
> this?
> Inscriptions:
> I have identified all inscriptions that were in all caps in the KJV. I 
> have wrapped these with <inscription> and changed the all caps to Title 
> Case. The intention is that these should be rendered with small-caps, 
> perhaps emphasized with bold.
> Question: Should these be left as all caps? Can the front-ends render this?
> Paragraphs:
> I have compared the paragraph marks against two other e-texts and then 
> against a print Old Scofield. The result is:
> All paragraph marks starting a chapter have been deleted.
> All paragraph marks that did not validate were changed to <milestone 
> type="x-extra-p"/>, to hide them but keep them for future analysis.
> Acrostic titles in Psalm 119:
> I have added the attribute xlit to each <w> element surrounding the 
> transliteration of the Hebrew alphabet letter (e.g. ALEPH) and set the 
> value to the Hebrew character. This is not intended for display, but for 
> completeness.
> Next steps.
> Fix any reported problems.
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