[sword-devel] Re: sword-devel Digest, Vol 19, Issue 30

Chris Umphress umphress at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 22:41:50 MST 2005

On 10/31/05, Yiguang Hu <yighu at yahoo.com> wrote:
> About the encoding/book names. I am just wondering why
> the standard java resource bundle is not used ?
> For encoding, UTF-8 should be able to cover all the
> languages. I knew it covers MBCS like Japanese,
> Chinese and Korean (Usually KJC for short) well. It
> should not be a issue with any of the western
> characters, most of them just single byte chars.

Perhaps not everyone uses Java ;-)

C/C++ still requires significantly fewer resources, and is more widely
used from what I have seen. Java is more portable, and is a big hit in
colleges right now, but also requires more resources and a slightly
faster processor to achieve the same speed.

On the other hand, you are right -- UTF-8 is the way to go :-)

Chris Umphress <http://daga.dyndns.org/>

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