[sword-devel] Translator v 0.1Alpha

Mina Magdy mina_1985_2002 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Oct 31 13:53:09 MST 2005

My first version of the "Translator"
it is small program that help u to translate book
u will be introduced with 2 tables
1st table contains Biblebooks names in English
and u should type the translated name in the oppisit

2nd table contains 5 cells you can (optionally) fill
them with Alias "Book Abbrevs" of the currently
selected book name.

unlike the usual way. you don't need to type the
translated book name as Alias.
for example

if u have book named abcd
and its translation is wxyz
you don't need to include wxyz in alias list
this will be added automatically for you.

However adding it won't hurt.
Attached with this email the source file with compiled
binary file included (called Trans)

This binary file compiled for Linux user.

if the program didn't work as u wish compile it by
simply typing "make" while you are in the source dir

For windows users some one should volunteer to compile
it for windows and provide the required DLLs

the same apply to MAC users
waiting for your comments, bug reports, and any
technical help.

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