[sword-devel] SwordModuleCreator

William Canfield canfield at nord-com.net
Wed Oct 26 07:36:39 MST 2005


The latest version of SwordModuleCreator (release name: SwordModuleCreator_src_20051026.zip) is now on sourceforge. Changes are:
  1.. added compiler|compile and compiler|install menu options
  2.. added install function (install directly into sword project directories)
  3.. Added sword directory to settings dialog (needed for 2)
  4.. Added some Osis tags (there seem so many nad I+m not sure which are the most important ones)
  5.. Osis/ThML tag listing updated dynamically according to module type
  6.. Html view displays <scripRef> tags as links (these are only dummy links) to improve the look and feel of the module.
Is there an osis2gbs, or will xml2gbs also compile the osis tags?

There is also a setup executable for windows for those who don't have wxWidgets. The setup also installs a simple help file
Release name is:  SwordModuleCreator_exe_20051026.zip

Try it out and have fun
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