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William Canfield canfield at nord-com.net
Mon Oct 24 03:00:14 MST 2005

I have been playing around with a front-end for sword, and I am having difficulty seting up the manager so that I can have HTML output with expanded notes and scripRef as a link.
I have found that the following interprets <scripRef> as a link in html:

mp_SwordManager = new SWMgr(0, 0, TRUE, new MarkupFilterMgr(FMT_HTMLHREF, ENC_HTML));

However, when footenotes are activated in the global options, then any footnotes in the books (i.e. Josephus) are not displayed.

mp_SwordManager = new SWMgr(0, 0, TRUE, new MarkupFilterMgr(FMT_HTML, ENC_HTML));

wll give me expanded footnotes, but <scripRef> is diplayed only as normal text. Also sometimes, for no apparent reason <note>my notes here</note> in ThML markup gets interpretated as:
< Sword foontnote = "1">my notes here</small></font> which seems to be a coruption of the text. I would have expected <font><small>my notes here</small></font>

I have no access to the BibleCS code, so cann't see how this has been achieved in the front-end. I could get around by generating a new manager for each module, but this would take a lot of resources.

The reason why I doing this is:

A) The sword front-end code (BibleCS) is not available to me

B) Would liked to have some extra features such as:
  a.. Module name and scripture reference/Book + chapter included as a heading for copied text from a module (Copy from module, paste with reference into word etc.)
  b.. Ability to have scripRefs in book and be able to click on link to go to scripture
  c.. A neater format for book displays, as BibleCS seems to ignore the paragraph tags, thus displaying everything as one line unless <BR> is found.

I would be most grateful for any suggestions which could help me further.
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