[sword-devel] how to get strongs numbers from KJV2003 module?

John Walther djw at reactor-core.org
Sun Oct 23 01:15:54 MST 2005

Hi.  When I run mod2osis I get nice strongs numbers for the old
testament, but when I get to the new testament, I get this sort of

    lemma="robinson:N-GSM" morph="x-Robinson:N-GSM" src="4"

Also, even in the Old Testament, I'm not sure what to do; how do I get
the strongs number from something like this:

    lemma="strongMorph:TH8686" morph="x-StrongsMorph:TH8686"

How do I turn those fields and arguments into actual strong's numbers?

Any help will be appreciated.  I'm trying to add some Strong's type
capabilities to the command line "bible-kjv" program that comes with


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