[sword-devel] bible for cell phones

2tim 42 tim4_2 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 17 15:37:57 MST 2005

Hey all,

i had another idea (after the thing about the
formatting/printing a bible for desktop/inkjet printer
-- style printing press for closed countries).. how
about a bible on cell phone? 

check out this article: 

looks like lots of people are already viewing novels
on cell phone. Cell phones are a bigger medium than is
the palm os platform.. Seems like a great way to get
the WORD available. Looks like the standard
dev tools are BREW (only available for 25% of phones,
nice if you prefer speed and C/C++) and java (slower
but available for all cell phone platforms)..
anybody interested in helping me build and test a
module for cell phones?
see below for some articles on cell phone coding.
May have some space issues to contend with, i'm not
sure how big the module for palm os is, and it would
probably be helpful to see how others are creating
the book viewers for cell phones.






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