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=RiCo= rico.thorn at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 11:24:09 MST 2005

I recommend installing gobolinux if you have a free partition. It uses a
different filesystem hierarchy than the normal /usr or /bin, instead it has
/programs or /system. It also links each file to a legacy filesystem so it
is compatible with hardcoded legacy directories. I installed t in under 2GB
of space, so a 5GB partition is more than enough.

To install programes in gobolinux you do the following. go to console and
type InstallPackage <package filename> and it installs it (eg
'InstallPackage Sword--1.5.8--i686.tar.bz2'). To make a package from source
is also very simple, you type 'MakeRecipe <program name> <program version>
<source download url>', once the recipe is made type 'Compile <program name>
<program version>' and it installs the program. To make a package after it
is installed you type 'CreatePackage <program name> <program version>' and
that package can be installed on another pc with InstallPackage. I've done
this for sword and bibletime :P go to
www.gobolinux.org<http://www.gobolinux.org>if you want to try it.

Right now I have 5 more blank partitions (7 total), 10 GB each, for
> installing vanilla distros. I can probably get away with using 5 GB
> partitions instead of 10 GB. (Each Fedora install so far was about 3.5 GB,
> including extra libs and such in case I need to compile GnomeSword or
> something). In this case, I would have 12 more (14 total) to use.
> What other distros would be useful? Should I do SuSE? (I already have DVDs
> or DVD ISO images for 9.0-9.3, and can easily download 10.0) This wouldn't
> be difficult, but if Packman already has it taken care of, then to do so
> would be pointless. Mandrake/Mandriva may not be difficult, since it is
> also
> an RPM distro. Would there be a point to doing FC2 or FC1 builds, or are
> they too old?
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