[sword-devel] libsword project files missing papyriplain.cpp?

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 00:49:43 MST 2005

Why say it's not supported if there is a build file for it? OK, ok, so
support is more than just providing a build file. But if it builds with that
environment and there are build files already created and being submitted
for it, then why not either include them in the over-all project or at least
provide information on the developer's website that includes information on
where those files can be acquired. Knowing that there was a functioning
nmake-compatible build file for MS C++ 2003 toolkit would have made my life
about 100x easier this past summer while I was trying to build a program
with Sword integration that might have succeeded (and hopefully will once I
get home in December) if I had been able to locate an nmake file.


On 10/11/05, Chris Little <chrislit at crosswire.org> wrote:
> Lynn Allan wrote:
> > Here is a link to a patch for the project files in vcppmake\vc6 and
> > vcppmake\vc7.1 that reference papyriplain.cpp and papyriplain.h
> > http://lcdbible.sourceforge.net/misc/libsword_papyriplain_vc6_vc71.patch
> >
> > Also, "while you are at it" ...
> >
> > I would appreciate having project files in svn for vc8 (Microsoft 2005
> > beta-2 compiler) and the nmake file for the C++ 2003 free non-ide
> > toolkit. These are zipped in:
> > http://lcdbible.sourceforge.net/misc/vcppmake_vc8_toolkit.zip
> >
> > and unzips to go in lib:
> > lib
> > ...vcppmake
> > ......Cpp2003Toolkit\libsword.mak
> > ......vc8\libsword.sln
> > ......vc8\libsword.vproj
> Is there something novel about the VC8 project files that requires their
> inclusion in SVN (as opposed to allowing the IDE to update the project
> files to the new format)? More project files mean we have more to
> maintain, something to be avoided if possible. I think the facts that
> MSVC 8 isn't yet released and isn't yet one of the environments we
> support suggest we ought to hold off on including VC8 files for now.
> --Chris
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