[sword-devel] libsword project files missing papyriplain.cpp?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Oct 11 00:13:25 MST 2005

Lynn Allan wrote:
> Here is a link to a patch for the project files in vcppmake\vc6 and
> vcppmake\vc7.1 that reference papyriplain.cpp and papyriplain.h
> http://lcdbible.sourceforge.net/misc/libsword_papyriplain_vc6_vc71.patch
> Also, "while you are at it" ...
> I would appreciate having project files in svn for vc8 (Microsoft 2005
> beta-2 compiler) and the nmake file for the C++ 2003 free non-ide
> toolkit. These are zipped in:
> http://lcdbible.sourceforge.net/misc/vcppmake_vc8_toolkit.zip
> and unzips to go in lib:
> lib
> ...vcppmake
> ......Cpp2003Toolkit\libsword.mak
> ......vc8\libsword.sln
> ......vc8\libsword.vproj

Is there something novel about the VC8 project files that requires their 
inclusion in SVN (as opposed to allowing the IDE to update the project 
files to the new format)? More project files mean we have more to 
maintain, something to be avoided if possible. I think the facts that 
MSVC 8 isn't yet released and isn't yet one of the environments we 
support suggest we ought to hold off on including VC8 files for now.


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