[sword-devel] updated WEB and HNV bible modules?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Oct 2 12:08:21 MST 2005

I'm still working on it. A semi ran into my car this week and I'm in the 
midst of midterms at school, so I'm a little busy. It will be done when 
it's done.


Ryan V wrote:
> I didn't get a response to my previous inquring about the progress on
> this gbf to osis converter, so I'll ask again...
> How's the progress coming along on this GBF to OSIS converter? How
> long will it be before official updates will be made to the modules
> which currently use gbf markup (more specifically WEB and HNV)?
> Also, is the source for this converter available for download? If so,
> where can I go to download it?
> On 9/14/05, Chris Little <chrislit at crosswire.org> wrote:
>>In case anyone is waiting anxiously for the WEB & HNV modules, I just
>>wanted to give an update and report that I did find some time to work on
>>them over the weekend but am not finished. Basic GBF->OSIS tag
>>conversion is mostly complete. I think I still have to tweak quotation
>>marking, and the large tasks of pruning unnecessary tags & making the
>>converter not just generate equivalent OSIS elements but
>>schema-validatable (and then more generally OSIS-conformant) still
>>remain. So there's progress, but it will still take at least another
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