[sword-devel] updated WEB and HNV bible modules?

Ryan V adyeths at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 11:58:41 MST 2005

I didn't get a response to my previous inquring about the progress on
this gbf to osis converter, so I'll ask again...

How's the progress coming along on this GBF to OSIS converter? How
long will it be before official updates will be made to the modules
which currently use gbf markup (more specifically WEB and HNV)?

Also, is the source for this converter available for download? If so,
where can I go to download it?

On 9/14/05, Chris Little <chrislit at crosswire.org> wrote:
> In case anyone is waiting anxiously for the WEB & HNV modules, I just
> wanted to give an update and report that I did find some time to work on
> them over the weekend but am not finished. Basic GBF->OSIS tag
> conversion is mostly complete. I think I still have to tweak quotation
> marking, and the large tasks of pruning unnecessary tags & making the
> converter not just generate equivalent OSIS elements but
> schema-validatable (and then more generally OSIS-conformant) still
> remain. So there's progress, but it will still take at least another
> weekend.
> --Chris

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