[sword-devel] Building under Windows

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 23:04:52 MST 2005

I have not yet been successful in building the Sword library with Micro$oft
tools, so your effort to cause the library to build with .NET might be a bit
difficult. The primary problem for me has been creating a buildfile of any
sort. That said, I have not yet had an opportunity to even attempt a build
of the library using the VC++.NET 2003 IDE, I have only been using
command-line tools, and it has been difficult to come up with a makefile for
it. You might have success if you try the IDE, or you might not. Primarily
the library is build using Borland tools, but if it could be made to build
under VC++ I think creation of a C# wrapper would not be more complicated
than any other basic library wrappers for C#/++ libraries. Sorry I can't be
of more help, but I am incommunicado as pertains programming work due to
studying outside of my normal university for the semester. Once I get back
to the States in December, I might be better able to work through some of my
own problems, and then speak intelligently concerning building under

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