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Wow, it sounds like you are pouring a lot of energy and time into that
effort. It certainly is a great effort and help to the community. As for
creating a Bible text that you might use - isn't there a tool that would
spit out the vpl version of a Bible? I think there is a tool mod2vpl or
something along that will give you out the module in a vpl format (also
mod2osis and mod2imp available). I don't know if there are Windows ports of
them, but that might expediate the process of your testing if you can get
them to work for you.


On 11/21/05, William Canfield <canfield at nord-com.net> wrote:
> Hello All,
> Another version of SwordModuleCreator is on Sourceforge.
> I have now added a project file for each module. This enables each project
> (module) to have its own settings (compiler, dictionary etc) without having
> to remember what the settings were. This also means that each project can
> have multiple text files for those larger reference works. All text files
> will be compiled into one and the same Sword module. Also, all six compilers
> have been included into the program (xml2gbs, thml2gbs, imp2vs etc).
>  Please remember that this utility is work in progress, and while I have
> tested xml2gbs and thml2gbs, I have not as yet thoroughly tested the other
> compilers. If anyone is daredevil enough to test it with a bible text, then
> I would be interested in the results. Preparing a complete bible even in vpl
> would take me a lot of time, though I am working on one to test with.
>  Another little feature I've included is in the conf dialog - When you
> choose the module driver onthe module tab, the Path entry automatically
> changes to the sword module path for that driver. These directories are
> presently hard-coded as I assume the paths are always the same within the
> sword project branch. If linux uses a different set of directories let me
> know and I will make provision for these.
>  Also the files menu has been altered to reflect the new project features.
> Each new, open and save option has a project and file sub-menu so that
> either the project or text file can be generated, opened or saved.
>  Have fun!
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