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William Canfield canfield at nord-com.net
Mon Nov 21 05:31:15 MST 2005

Hello All,
Another version of SwordModuleCreator is on Sourceforge.
I have now added a project file for each module. This enables each project (module) to have its own settings (compiler, dictionary etc) without having to remember what the settings were. This also means that each project can have multiple text files for those larger reference works. All text files will be compiled into one and the same Sword module. Also, all six compilers have been included into the program (xml2gbs, thml2gbs, imp2vs etc). 

Please remember  that this utility is work in progress, and while I have tested xml2gbs and thml2gbs, I have not as yet thoroughly tested the other compilers. If anyone is daredevil enough to test it with a bible text, then I would be interested in the results. Preparing a complete bible even in vpl would take me a lot of time, though I am working on one to test with.

Another little feature I've included is in the conf dialog - When you choose the module driver onthe module tab, the Path entry automatically changes to the sword module path for that driver. These directories are presently hard-coded as I assume the paths are always the same within the sword project branch. If linux uses a different set of directories let me know and I will make provision for these.

Also the files menu has been altered to reflect the new project features. Each new, open and save option has a project and file sub-menu so that either the project or text file can be generated, opened or saved.

Have fun!
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