[sword-devel] Sources for certain modules.

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 19 22:00:53 MST 2005


Every book is in a special Sword module format. The ones with z in the 
extension are compressed. The first letter indicates whether the 
compression is at a chapter (i.e. c) or a book (i.e. b) level or a verse 
level (i.e. v), but there are none at a verse level.

The text that is contained by a module may be plain text, gbf format, 
ThML format or OSIS format. The Sword and JSword libraries know how to 
extract the text in a meaningful way. There are linux applications that 
use these libraries. Also, the libraries provide the ability to download 
the modules from the crosswire website and install it to the user's machine.

You can obtain the modules here: 
Please, ignore the files that are zero length. There are no modules for 
them. They represent books under copyright for which we would love to 
have permission to have and distribute.

Hope this helps,

Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:

>I am trying to package the following modules for Debian:
>KJV, SpaRV, Scofield, TDavid, StrongsGreek, StrongsHebrew
>The SpaRV, StrongsGreek and StrongsHebrew contain the plain text, while
>the KJV, Scofield and TDavid modules contain only the binary blobs (with
>extensions like .czs, .czv, .czz, .bzs, .bzv and .bzz).  To be able to
>package these and get them uploaded into Debian, I will need the plain
>text sources for the KJV, Scofield and TDavid modules.  However, after
>quite a bit of Google searching, I have not been able to find them.  Is
>there some sort of central CVS or Subversion repository where the module
>sources are stored?  If not, how would I find the correct sources for a
>particular modules.

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