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Shane Rice shane at rices2peru.com
Thu Nov 17 06:15:30 MST 2005

Greg H.,

    Thanks for the info.  I do have the one verse per line raw text, for 
the entire Bible.  I did figure out the conf file.  That was pretty 
easy.  I don't think I have ever compiled anything in my life, I'm new 
to Linux.  I'm using Ubuntu, and dual booting with Win XP.  I could make 
the file in XP.   Where do I find this vpl2mod ?  I have searched the 
web, and it seems as though everyone is mentioning it in forums, but it 
is not at sourceforge that I found.  Is there a windows version of this 
program?  Thanks.

Serving the King,

Shane Rice

Rom 12:1-2
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Greg Hellings wrote:

> Shane,
> That depends on what kind of "raw text" you have.  If it is just 
> straight text that is on one "verse per line" you can use the program 
> vpl2mod (already installed if you build from source on Linux).  If 
> each verse is more than one line long you would have to use the 
> "import format" - before each verse you enter a like as such:
> $$$Genesis 1:1
> In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
> $$$Genesis 1:2
> And the earth was without form and void, and...
> So on and so forth.  That tool would use the imp2vs program (again, 
> also intsalled when you build from source on Linux).  Each, or at 
> least most, of these tools are available in Windows forms if you need 
> them.  Beyond that, you also need to create a .conf file to put into 
> the mods.d folder.  It sounds like you might already know how to do 
> this if you were just copying over from another module.  That is 
> probably one of the easier ways to do it, but you can find a 
> description on the website at 
> http://www.crosswire.org/sword/develop/swordmodule/ - section 2.1 will 
> be helpful for the conf file.  The rest of it can be helpful for the 
> rest of your work also, but goes into more detail about other types of 
> modules and items like that.
> --Greg H
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