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Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 02:34:01 MST 2005


Don't worry about doing the renames/moves for file names. I will send you a
patch once I am done with getting it up and running on Linux so that you can
just apply that. Basically I am just changing the #include directives to
reflect the cases of the file names that you are already using. However, if
you throw that scripreffilter.* onto the CVS on SF I can grab them from
there. I am, however, getting quite a few errors from your wx_xml2gbs.cpp
file related to undeclared variables. I don't know if that's because I am
using an older source zip (20051026) or why your compiler allows them if
this is the current version of the source. Most of the errors pertain to the
variable "keybuffer"... which appears as though it should really be
"str_keybuffer" but I'm not certain yet. If you'd like I can send you the
error messages as I have them, unless you've already fixed the problem in
your CVS version.


On 11/17/05, William Canfield <canfield at nord-com.net> wrote:
> Hello,
>  The sword Module Creator has been written using the wxWidgets library
> which is supposed to be portable to Linux and Mac. I have written to program
> using Windows98, which is case insensitive on the file names. Sorry, I will
> rename the includes for case sensitivity for linux. I have written for linux
> in the past but had forgotten this feature.
> My appologies also for the failing source file (scripreffilter.*) - it is
> not to be confused with the sword library. This is a simple function to
> display <scripRef> as a html link in the viewer of SwordModuleCreator. Such
> links are *not expected* work. I will include this file asap. At the
> moment you could get around this problem by commenting out the references to
> the filter in MainFrame.cpp. I do not have a linux box at the moment, so
> am not able to check if the source will compile for linux.
>  If Gregg Hellings has a compilable version for Linux, I would gladly
> include his makefiles etc in the next release.
>  The next version will have a choice of compilers for different modules
> and a project settings file.
>  There is a compiled windows version available complete with a help file.
> The help file also includes three web pages - The sword module creation
> page, HtML and Osis manuals to help understand the different markups. (If
> this unwittingly infringes any copyright then I will take them out again
> though).
>  Sorry for any inconviences.
>  Bill Canfield
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