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William Canfield canfield at nord-com.net
Thu Nov 17 01:46:52 MST 2005


The sword Module Creator has been written using the wxWidgets library which is supposed to be portable to Linux and Mac. I have written to program using Windows98, which is case insensitive on the file names. Sorry, I will rename the includes for case sensitivity for linux. I have written for linux in the past but had forgotten this feature.
My appologies also for the failing source file (scripreffilter.*) - it is not to be confused with the sword library. This is a simple function to display <scripRef> as a html link in the viewer of SwordModuleCreator. Such links are not expected work. I will include this file asap. At the moment you could get around this problem by commenting out the references to the filter in MainFrame.cpp. I do not have a linux box at the moment, so am not able to check if the source will compile for linux.

If Gregg Hellings has a compilable version for Linux, I would gladly include his makefiles etc in the next release.

The next version will have a choice of compilers for different modules and a project settings file. 

There is a compiled windows version available complete with a help file. The help file also includes three web pages - The sword module creation page, HtML and Osis manuals to help understand the different markups. (If this unwittingly infringes any copyright then I will take them out again though).

Sorry for any inconviences. 

Bill Canfield
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