[sword-devel] Applying for sword-support authorization [was: Introduction]

L.Allan-pbio paraclete at bibleinverse.org
Wed Nov 9 12:35:12 MST 2005

Sorry (again) ... try this link:

My understanding is that this will  trigger an auto-confirm email sent
to the email address you supplied, and then the list administrator
(scribe? Troy G?) will be notified to accept/reject your application.
Then the link I mistakenly supplied before will be the "gateway" to
providing replies.

I'm not completely clear why this is private ... that is "above my pay
grade" ... but I have found that there is generally some history
and/or good reasons behind most of the way things are done around
here. I believe than anyone can send an email, but you have to be
registered and authorized to answer.

Which makes sense when I think about it ... my impression is that The
CrossWire Bible Society has been on the "receiving end" of malicious
activity by people who hate all things having anything to do with
advancing the Kingdom (aka sword-devils). CrossWire is in some sense
on the "front lines of rescuing the prisoners" in this respect.

Seriously ... I would advise you to check that your backups are
up-to-date before getting involved with CrossWire. Not to be overly
melodramatic, but there is stuff taking place here that has eternal

Anyway, glad that you are pursuing the steps involved in helping out
with sword-support ... it is an excellent way to get involved

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On 11/7/05, Lynn Allan <l_d_allan at adelphia.net> wrote:
My error ... it is sword-support rather than sword-help

Here is a link to apply for access to do replies ...

Once approved, you can look at the archives to get a good idea of how
to help out with many of the end-user questions .... my impression is
that this assistance would be a great blessing to the
appreciated-but-probably-not-appreciated-enough faithful servants who
do this important task "behind the scenes".

How do i proceed with the sword-support mailing list subscription
request  at the URL
http://www.crosswire.org/mailman/private/sword-support/ ???

I recon a list admin has to add my Email vivekcherian at gmail.com to the
sword-support list or i need the list password to log in.

Never subscribed to a private mailing list till date ;-)

Vivek Varghese Cherian
Free as in Freedom  <www.gnu.org>

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