[sword-devel] [OT?] Any info on OpenOffice 2.0?

Greg Marine gregmarine at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 17:26:40 MST 2005

> >FWIW, the OSIS team concluded two or so years ago that it would not be
> >possible to create an OOo2OSIS or OSIS2OOo filter, for various
> >technical reasons.  [IIRC, it has to do with the model that OSIS uses
> >versus the model that OOo uses.  (Strem v Object).]
> >
> >
> Two years ago OO had a different document model. It is now using the
> OASIS OpenDocument standard. Perhaps this changes things.

This does change things! I suppose if we'd ask OSIS now, they would
restate their opinion. Only asking can tell :-)

No matter what, though, OOo 2.0 is SUPPOSE to be XML friendly. So,
creating Sword to OOo filters or whatever should be possible.

God Bless you all!!!
Greg M.


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