[sword-devel] Developer's Quick Start

Chris Umphress umphress at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 16:27:46 MST 2005

On 11/2/05, Greg Marine <gregmarine at gmail.com> wrote:
> Everyone agrees it should be on the dev info page. However, I'm sure
> Crosswire is constrained on time right now. We need to pray for them
> all, asking for God to bless them, for their work can bring fatigue.
> Like most, if not all, of us, they too have responsibilities outside
> The Sword Project.

Yep. I was initially looking for that bug link so that I could give it
to someone who had send a couple bugs to this mailing list. It was
just something I noticed, and thought should be updated as time

> With that being said: Troy, would it be possible for volunteers to
> make much needed changes to the Web site? Since it seems to be in JSP,
> I don't suppose there would be an easy way for some of us to work on
> things like the developer's info page?

I know I'm not Troy, but... Wiki's are nice. Setting one up or writing
one for the server is a fair bit of work, but maybe it's an option
further down the road?

> ***Disclaimer***
> This response is more of a reaction than a response. It was my feeling
> folks are getting impatient with the Web site and/or other aspects of
> the project. From this point on, this reaction is going to be turned
> into proaction. Should you feel the statements above have no grounds,
> please excuse my "outburst." I feel as though there are grounds for
> such statements, however. Some have critisized how long it takes to
> get updated modules out, the time to get enhancements pushed into new
> version of the software and comments about the dated Web site. We need
> to be a part of the solution instead of complaining about the
> problem...
> ***End Disclaimer***

Can I use that? :-P

Chris Umphress <http://daga.dyndns.org/>

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