[sword-devel] BibleStudy 2.0 alpha released

Jason Turner lefticus at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 21:10:09 MST 2005

I've made a binary only release of the next version of BibleStudy. For
those of you who do not know I am currently working on making a run
from CD evangelism version targeted for missions in arabic speaking
countries. This means that i18n is underway and that I have switched
from the wxHTML rendering engine to wxMozilla to support proper
rendering of right to left texts.

Check out http://emptycrate.com for more info. EmptyCrate.com is now
where I am doing bug and issue tracking.

Oh, I wanted to point out that I have had to use 1.5.7a for the
windows version. AFAICT 1.5.7a is the last version that will allow
disabling of the installmgr, ftplib included with sword will not
compile with MingW and I have had no luck at all getting curl to
compile with MingW.

God Bless,
http://emptycrate.com Games, Programming, Travel & other stuff

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