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>    There a number of issues involved with  considering moving to 
>try/throw/catch error handling.  The first  one that comes to mind is 
>language binding.  Second is  cross-platform portability with OSs like 
>PocketPC, which, if I  remember correctly don't have compilers that 
>support exceptions or  RTTI.  I'm not in a mental state to debate the 
>merits of either  system for a few months, but we have a long running 
>list of  improvements to the engine.  If it is something you have a  
>practicle reason for desiring, please open a new feature request and  
>include justification and we'll not forget to address the issue  
>(actually this goes out to anyone who wishes to switch error handling  
>    -Troy.
>PS.   I think we've done a pretty solid job to keep memory usage down to 
>a  minimum.  I'm not sure that any of our apps are running out of memory  
>doing anything these days.  We run on some small platforms, like  PDAs 
>with as little as a total of 16MB of RAM.  The optimizations  to make us 
>work in these environments have left us with a fairly lean  memory 
>footprint, even on larger systems.  Most of our objects  which allocate 
>and cache resources implement an SWCacher interface  with 
>resourceConsumption and lastAccess reporting, and a flush method  to ask 
>them to clean up.  We where planning on writing a CacheMgr  which all 
>these SWCacher object could be handed to, that would monitor  these 
>objects and keep total resourceConsumption within a reasonable  
>tolerance, but haven't done so yet.  That was a long  PS.

It's just a wish list item for me at this point.  I'll let someone  with more 
knowledge of all
the issues/consequences write up the "improvement/new feature docs.   Go have 
a vacation:) or whatever. (Like DM or Barry)
In His Grace,

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