[sword-devel] api memory usage [was: Error Handling]

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Sun Jun 12 06:07:31 MST 2005

Troy wrote:
> PS.  I think we've done a pretty solid job to keep memory usage down
> a minimum.  I'm not sure that any of our apps are running out of
> doing anything these days.  We run on some small platforms, like
> with as little as a total of 16MB of RAM.  The optimizations to make
> work in these environments have left us with a fairly lean memory
> footprint, even on larger systems.  Most of our objects which
> and cache resources implement an SWCacher interface with
> resourceConsumption and lastAccess reporting, and a flush method to
> them to clean up.  We where planning on writing a CacheMgr which all
> these SWCacher object could be handed to, that would monitor these
> objects and keep total resourceConsumption within a reasonable
> tolerance, but haven't done so yet.  That was a long PS.

I did some comparisons of memory usage between the 1.5.6 sword-api and
1.5.8 for some of the tests and utilities. Here are some results from
WinXP-Pro SP2 and vc7.1 with optimized release compiler/linker

1.5.6 = 3.3 meg memory
1.5.8 = 6.5

1.5.6 = 4.6
1.5.8 = 8.1

1.5.6 = 3.8
1.5.8 = 7.6

1.5.6 diatheke = 6.2
1.5.8 diatheke = 9.9

In each example, memory usage is up significantly. Is this related to
osis support?

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