[sword-devel] Re: Re: Re: Re: Another typo fixed in PorAA

Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete Dutra leandro at dutra.fastmail.fm
Mon Jun 6 16:40:17 MST 2005

Em Mon, 06 Jun 2005 10:18:24 -0300, DArio Matos escreveu:

> I've searched around and I haven't found any paper
> copy of a portuguese Bible named "Almeida Atualizada"
> yet...

	Please check the online bookshops, and contact the Bible
distributors at São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.  If you wish, I can give
you the phone number and email address of a friend who deals with used
books and can get you some rarities, he was the one who got me my
Versão Brasileira and he can get you a Versão Revisada (VR).

	Better yet, I can send you any few pages of the VR (Versão
Revisada) and you will be able to compare it with PorAA.

> but I haven't completed my search. I'm yet to go at Bible museum in
> Barueri; besides, I've found references of a "Imperial Bible",
> offered to brazillian emperor D. Pedro II by Britannic Bible
> Society, with a Revision of João Ferreira de Almeida's translation -
> printed in Great-Britain, 1877. It seems we can check it out at
> Biblioteca Nacional do Rio de Janeiro - it was microfilmed ().

	Why?  Just take a look at PorAA, it isn't 1877 Portuguese,
neither Brazilian nor European.  Besides, it is not the original
Almeida, which would have been the text of the Bíblia Imperial.  If
you really wish, ask for my friend's address and he can try to locate
an original Almeida for you.  It won't come cheap, R$15 at a minimum,
probably R$50 or more.

	A missing piece of information is that nowhere Unbouded Bible
says where this text comes from.  It might be public domain, but it
would still have had an editor who put it in the public domain.  It
can't be in the public domain simply for its age, because its
Portuguese, if classic, is still too modern for that; remember the
last effective orthographic reform was 1971.

> However, I can't prove yet that the "Almeida Atualizada" bible the
> Unbound Bible provided to Sword is really that old one Britannic
> Bible Society had (with spells updated to current portuguese
> language), nor any other one.

	Don't bother, just check it with the VR.  Spelling here isn't
the only issue, the Portuguese language has changed quite a lot since
the Almeida text in use in 1877.

> Have any one contacted Unbound Bible to hear from them where they
> got it?

	I did.

> Which were the sources, or who provided the digitalized text?

	They provided no answers, and this helps form my conviction
they just got a misnamed, unauthorised copy somebody gave them in
(perhaps innocent) error.

> ...besides, I haven't got any responses yet of Portuguese Bible
> society (from Portugal) concerning the existance of any "Almeida
> Atualizada" version of the portuguese Bible...

	No need for that, you can clearly see PorAA is Brazilian
Portuguese, not European.

	And you can check the portuguese online bookshops too.

> Concerning the distribution of the files, the PorAA module contents
> is provided by Unbound Bible, so they are the responsibles for any
> eventual copyright infringement, since they said it was OK to
> redistribute...

	I don't know the Brazilian law well enough, but in at least
some jurisdictions there is such a thing as contributory
infringement.  I wouldn't be caught distributing publicly something I
had conviction of not being mine.

> Since Leandro's version (PorIBBVR?) is provided by Leandro himself

	Not at all.  I just corrected PorAA according to its original,
the Versão Revisada.  If you bother to check (please do!) you will see
missing text and orthography errors I corrected, nothing else.

> and itis copyrighted by IBB, Sword can't openly distribute it unless
> IBB says it's OK to do so... I'd say that PorAA must remain online
> at least untill Leandro get Sword a permission to distribute IBB's
> Bible. When he get this, PorAA could be taken offline if it's proved
> that it is really a corrupted version.

	 Oh please, just check all the orthography errors and missing
 text there!  Do a diff to my corrected version and you'll see for
 yourself!  No need to wait for Godot here...

> But portuguese speaker users should not be without a portuguese
> bible module.  That's my position.

	So please provide a text yourself, instead of saluting people
with others' hats.  Feel free to contact IBB, SBB or any other, for I
won't be able to do so in the next few weeks or even months.

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