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DArio Matos dmatos0 at yahoo.com.br
Mon Jun 6 06:18:24 MST 2005

I've searched around and I haven't found any paper
copy of a portuguese Bible named "Almeida Atualizada"
yet... but I haven't completed my search. I'm yet to
go at Bible museum in Barueri; besides, I've found
references of a "Imperial Bible", offered to
brazillian emperor D. Pedro II by  Britannic Bible
Society, with a Revision of João Ferreira de Almeida's
translation - printed in Great-Britain, 1877. It seems
we can check it out at Biblioteca Nacional do Rio de
Janeiro - it was microfilmed ().

And, I remember reading somewhere that at XIX century
the main protestant portuguese bible was the Almeida
version the Britannic Bible Society provided us (at
that time, the SBB didn't existed yet).
check "http://www.sbb.org.br/museu/acervo_virtual.asp"
for more info, and the scans for each page (right now
the scans are offline or not uploaded) 

However, I can't prove yet that the "Almeida
Atualizada" bible the Unbound Bible provided to Sword
is really that old one Britannic Bible Society had
(with spells updated to current portuguese language),
nor any other one.

Have any one contacted Unbound Bible to hear from them
where they got it? Which were the sources, or who
provided the digitalized text?

...besides, I haven't got any responses yet of
Portuguese Bible society (from Portugal) concerning
the  existance of any "Almeida Atualizada" version of
the portuguese Bible...

Concerning the distribution of the files, the PorAA
module contents is provided by Unbound Bible, so they
are the responsibles for any eventual copyright
infringement, since they said it was OK to
redistribute... Since Leandro's version (PorIBBVR?) is
provided by Leandro himself, and itis copyrighted by
IBB, Sword can't openly distribute it unless IBB says
it's OK to do so... I'd say that PorAA must remain
online at least untill Leandro get Sword a permission
to distribute IBB's Bible. When he get this, PorAA
could be taken offline if it's proved that it is
really a corrupted version. But portuguese speaker
users should not be without a portuguese bible module.
That's my position.

>    1. Re: Re: Re: Another typo fixed in PorAA (Chris
> Little)

Em Fri, 03 Jun 2005 16:56:16 -0700, Chris Little

> The problem is that you and Dario Matos have a
disagreement on what
> the PorAA we are hosting is and whether it is
> corrupted, etc.

	I could write Dario privately and ask him if he
maintains his
position -- I do have a copy of the IBB's VR (Versão
Revisada) and can
confirm your PorAA is just a copy of it with
orthography errors and
missing text.  Since Dario stopped answering the
thread, I took his
silence to be acquiescence.

	I could scan some pages of the IBB's VR and email you
privately so that you could check for yourself, if
needs be.

> We know where we got the currently available PorAA
module and we
> know that its source says it is okay to distribute.

	I guess your source is the Unbounded Bible site?  I
warned them already about the copy rights issue, they
never answered.

> That's why we are distributing that one. But you are
claiming that
> the one you are providing is copyrighted by IBB, so
we are taking
> your word on that, at least until we can confirm

	I just took your PorAA and fixed typos and supplied
text.  If you can't distribute my version, you can't
your current one
-- as far as I can see.

> Are you making any progress with IBB?

	Not yet.  I was giving them some time to answer, they
did.  Next I should really drop them a phone call, but
now I'm
starting a new job and moving, so that won't be
possible at all.

> Also, can you provide any kind of proof that the old
PorAA module is
> a corrupted version of the same version you have

	Other than doing a diff?  If I did a diff you'd take
that as
proof?  I could even comment it if you like...

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