[sword-devel] Cheatah

Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Sat Jun 4 02:35:21 MST 2005

Hi there ...........

I've just placed a modified version of Cheatah at: 
It now handles most of the modules properly (except general books).  
I've added StripText() so that the tags are taken out and plaintext 
displayed, and also arranged for modules with linked verses to display 
correctly without repeating the linked blocks.

What does surprise me is that the search speed is about a quarter of the 
search speed using BibleCS.  Maybe someone would like to take a look at 
that .......

Also, could anyone tell me how to get a macro to be placed in the 
makefiles generated by autogen.sh and usrinst.sh.  The reason is that 
msys (which I am using) doesn't define 'mingw' and I have to modify the 
makefiles to build the library with regex.  (sigh) it's a whole lot 
easier to work with Linux ...... 

God bless,


-- From Barry Drake (The Revd) minister of the Netherfield United Reformed church, Nottingham see http://www.jesusinnetherfield.org.uk for our church homepages).

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