[sword-devel] Another typo fixed in PorAA

Joachim Ansorg nospam+sword-devel at joachim-ansorg.de
Thu Jun 2 09:08:19 MST 2005

thank you very much for your time to fix the module and reporting this.

> 	If you wish to process PorAA anytime soon, there's a new file
> available as usual at
> http://dutra.fastmail.fm./pt-BR_JFA_Rev2.ubnd.bz2 -- it is just a typo
> fixed, if it was anything else than Scripture I wouldn't have bothered
> to upload it.

I just looked into our existing PorAA module - totally unusable with all these 
broken characters. Thank you for fixing that.

> 	Please let me know if and when it will be used.

I just uploaded your fixed version as an uncompressed module into the beta 
module area and if no errors are found it should make it to the main module 
page after a week of testing. You can get the beta module at  

Let me know if that module looks fine for you.

I'm sorry for this long time where nothing happened with your fixes. It's 
sometimes difficult to work with us :)

Is there a list of the fixes which were made by you to the text? I would be 
helpful to include them in the config file so we won't loose this 

<>< Re: deemed

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