[sword-devel] Help for XPCOM Wrapper

Greg Marine gregmarine at iccnet.org
Sun Jan 16 19:31:17 MST 2005

Thanks Troy!

The wrapper will also give way to integrating Sword with other Christian 
software built using Mozilla's platform. Sure, I do plan to create a XUL 
frontend, but the plans won't stop there.

God Bless <><

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:

> Greg,
>     I'm excited about your work.  We've had a few people interested in 
> doing an XUL frontend for SWORD, and the XPCOM wrappers will help in 
> this process as well (unless that is actually what you are wanting to 
> eventually do, then you'll all be interested in doing the same thing). 
> There are a few good simple examples in sword/examples/cmdline and 
> sword/tests.  But please feel free to post your questions.  Maybe we 
> could expand the examples that come with the library.
>     Blessings in your efforts,
>         -Troy.
> Greg Marine wrote:
>> After the VB/Mozilla control question was answered, I decided to dive 
>> right into creating a cross platform front end using Mozilla's 
>> various technologies and skip the proof of concept phase. So, I was 
>> wondering if anyone would be able to assist me in creating an XPCOM 
>> wrapper of the Sword API? I just need basic help to get me started. 
>> What I can do is create the first version of the wrapper and I would 
>> just need help on writing the implementation code in C++. Once I get 
>> started, I feel I can expand to the full API in the following 
>> versions. The sort of help I'm referring too is something like I'll 
>> define the functions and what the return value type needs to be and 
>> then someone could point me in the right direction for getting the 
>> function to actually do something with the Sword engine. Would anyone 
>> be able and willing to take on this venture with me? Any help is 
>> GREATLY appreciated.
>> God Bless <><
>> Greg
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