[sword-devel] Diatheke documentation

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Feb 20 20:29:25 MST 2005

nathan wrote:
> This is looking like some pretty incredible software.  Good work to
> everyone who is involved.
> Question: I am having trouble finding information about how to fully
> use all the features of Sword through Diatheke.  Is there some place
> that I am missing?  :-)

No, there's no documentation on Diatheke beyond what is printed when it 
executes without arguments. I would say it is no longer supported 
software, in that it isn't being developed any longer.

> Specifically, what can I do with these flags:
> [-t script] [-v variant#(-1=all|0|1)]

[-t script] allows you to do transliteration. I don't remember which 
options are allowed, but it should definitely allow "Latin" as an 
option, and possibly "Latin-1".

-v allows you to pick which set of variants are displayed, for modules 
that include variant readings.

> Also, what features of Sword are not available through the command
> line interface, anything worth me learning a little about c++ for?  I
> kind of get the code, because i have been doing php for so long.  I am
> building a web interface currently and Diatheke is working really
> well.

Diatheke can't handle GenBooks at all. It could be added, but it 
wouldn't make sense to use with a command-line interface. For web 
interfaces, we recommend our OSIS Web Tool instead (see 


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