[sword-devel] Nave's

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Fri Feb 18 20:47:04 MST 2005

DM Smith wrote:
> Naves has/is one of my favorite Bible dictionaries.
> I am thinking about improving Nave's for use with Sword and JSword. 
> Specifically, I would like to mark up the verse references and internal 
> cross references so that they are hyperlinks. I hope to get started 
> after JSword 1.0 is released (soon, but in its own time), but I want to 
> start thinking about it now.
> In the nave.conf, I found references to www.bf.org as being the 
> TextSource. (They are listed for a bunch of other modules) It appears 
> that they no longer maintain the source. Doing some searching I found 
> Naves.zip at http://aibi.gospelcom.net/downloads/naves.zip. This looks 
> very much like what was used for the Sword module.

The Bible Foundation is indeed the source of the text, so I can't say 
anything about the Gospelcom version. They both have the same number of 
files (109), but the Gospelcom version is a bit smaller than the BF 
original. Wayback has the BF site, but the ZIPs are corrupted, according 
to WinZip and WinRAR.

> First question, Do we maintain copies of the "editorial masters" from 
> which Sword modules are created? And if so, could you point me to it for 
> Naves?

I don't have one for Nave's.

> Second question, Is this link pointing to what was used? I did a spot 
> check and it does not agree with my printed copy, 1974 Revised Edition 
> (e.g. see "House of God") Where can I find a non-revised hard copy 
> edition, if that was the basis? It does seem to agree with what is in 
> the module. Is there a better zip? If so where? My goal at this point is 
> better markup, not better content.

Yes, we used the BF version. I can't answer the other questions.

> Third (I know this is actually question 5 and 6;) question, If we don't 
> have the editorial master, is there a way to reverse the module making 
> to produce a facsimile of it? Or should I start over with this Naves.zip?

The suggestion to use mod2imp was correct, but isn't going to work. 
There's a bug somewhere in the sorting algorithm, I think, that is 
getting caught on the lowercase of "MINISTER, Civil" and causing the 
library to think it is its own next entry. I think this bug is causing 
what Paul identifies as a problem in ld2imp, which is probably not in 
need of any attention.

You might want to wait until we have the bug fixed before tackling this 

> Fourth question: What format should be used? OSIS, THML, GBF, ...? It 
> seems that OSIS is the current markup of choice. I plan to use perl to 
> do the transformation.


> Currently it looks something like this in JSword:
> -A place of prayer #Mt 21:13; Mr 11:17; Lu 19:46| -Holy #Ec 5:1; Isa 
> 62:9; Eze 43:12; 1Co 3:17| -See SYNAGOGUE -See TABERNACLE -See TEMPLE
> In the zip it looks something like:
> $$T0002410
> -A place of prayer
>    #Mt 21:13; Mr 11:17; Lu 19:46|
> -Holy
>    #Ec 5:1; Isa 62:9; Eze 43:12; 1Co 3:17|
>    ¯T0004768
>    ¯T0004781
>    ¯T0004861
> Fifth question: Any other input?

Part of the problem appears to be that JSword isn't rendering Plaintext 
modules correctly. In Plaintext modules, a newline character in the 
module should be rendered as a newline module in the output. (It looks 
like BibleCS has the same rendering fault.)

You should also be aware of the vs2osisref utility. It will make your 
work trivial to complete. You can just pass it the content between # and 
| and it will return valid OSIS for the verse references contained, 
ready to be substituted for the original.


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