[sword-devel] Where is the line between translation and publication?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Feb 17 22:50:39 MST 2005

Kahunapule Michael P. Johnson wrote:
> I now wax philosophical, exploring the reasons and motivations behind
> some of the work I do.
> There are several reasons we use standard text-based Scripture file
> interchange standards in Bible translation work:
> * Longevity of the format
> * Ease of conversion to other formats
> * Portability of the Scripture files between entities
> * Separation of logical markup from physical markup to make publication
> in multiple formats easier


This is probably better addressed to the osis-user list or to the 
osis-editors address. Even though a few of the people on this list are 
also on osis-user and be involve with OSIS, OSIS isn't a CrossWire 
project, so it's probably off-topic. osis-user will probably have more 
people able to engage the issues you address.


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