[sword-devel] conf utf-8

Adrian Korten adrian_korten at sil.org
Sun Feb 13 23:09:37 MST 2005


Conf files converted to utf-8 do work for the UI. I ran into a problem 
at first that prevented the files from being read properly. I'm using 
TecKit, a program that can quickly convert files from code-page 
encodings to various unicode formats. It places three characters at the 
beginning of the file to indicate that this is a utf-8 encoded file (in 
hex 'EF BB BF'). MS programs add these characters as well when saving to 
a unicode text format. I had to manually remove these characters before 
Sword would recognize the conf files and include the Thai language as an 
option. This makes it difficult for Windows users to create their own UI 
files as it is not obvious what is causing the problem.

There seem to be some additional translations available for Window 
titles which is nice. Could you add 'on/off' as well if it has not been 
done yet? 'on/off' is used with the various switches available on the menu.


Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Thanks for all the feedback again.
> Fixed GBFFootnotes filter which caused problems in ASV and others
> Fixed Start Each Verse On A New Line feature - it's located under 
> display preferences, the very first option.
> Changed CLucene indexing options to match those of JSword to see if we 
> can share indecies.  Thanks DM Smith for all the insight to the better, 
> non-default behaviour we now use!  Indexes are much smaller!
> Added a new lucene search parameter: strong
> You can now specify a searching using the strong: keyword. e.g.
> +God +love +world +strong:G123
> Jerry, we switched from SimpleAnalyzer to StandardAnalyzer, so maybe the 
> AND issue is fixed.  Let me know.  Also, if you still have stability 
> problems, please report them again.  I think I have them all fixed.
> Bad news: you'll have to recreate your indexes.  But hopefully we're 
> slowing making it faster to create these.
> Thanks again for your time to test this stuff.  It's really appeciated! 
>  Keep the great feedback coming!
>     -Troy.
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