[sword-devel] Windows beta 1.5.8pre1

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Tue Feb 8 23:55:55 MST 2005

Took another 25 minutes to finish indexing ISV ... but it did finally
get done.

I would have thought it would take less time since the ISV is only the
NT and the ACV has both the OT & NT.

Odd ... before indexing, Search found 1180 instances of "Jesus" in the
ISV  .... finds 1179 instances after indexing???

With KJV before indexing, took about 40 seconds to find 943 matches
for "Jesus"

After indexing (another 25 minutes), was MUCH faster to find the same
943 matches for "Jesus" ... a second or so. WOW!

Could the lucene related files be precomputed and available for
download since they seem to take so long to generate? ... they
compress fairly well ... kjv goes from 6.6 meg to 2.6 meg

Hmmmm ... I don't see how to specify I want all three words of "Lord
Jesus Christ" to appear. The radio buttons for "Multi Word", "Phrase",
and "Regular Expression" are greyed. Indexing seems to disable these
radio buttons ... they are available with a Bible text that hasn't
been indexed (see AKJV below)

Search reports 7770 matches of "Lord Jesus Christ" fron indexed KJV.
That seems about right if it is "matching" either "Jesus" or "Lord" or

With AKJV before indexing, Search finds 106 matches for "Multi Word"
radio button. The radio buttons are enabled. 82 matches with "Phrase"

Indexing AKJV ... about 25 minutes later ... radio button options are
now disabled. 7769 matches found for "lord jesus christ"

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